domingo, 17 de febrero de 2013

I moved on

In December 2012 I became a brain cancer survivor in remission. I am no longer writing about my struggle with cancer.  However, cancer opened me the possibility to express my love for literature and culture beyond the classroom and the rigid rhetoric of academia.  Beauty is inside, around, and above us, but sometimes we don’t have the space or time to understand that it is “in the eyes of the beholder.”  I hope my writing can expose cancer patients and the general public to enjoy culture as a life experience and experience as a work of art in progress.  

My blog was published as a book under the title Crónicas para matar el cáncer, and some of the entries of this blog were also published in News Papers and digital magazines. I was eventually asked to contribute with my writing for two of these magazines.  I am including here some of the pieces published so far.  I have no intention to close this blog, since I belief that it might be helpful for brain cancer patients who are now struggling with the same situations I went through during the past five years of my live.  However, I am not writing new entries for this blog. From now on, I will add the links of my articles as soon as they are published in 80grados  and  Cruce: Crítica Socio-Cultural Contemporánea .  Here are some of the articles I published in these magazines:

§ En memoria, el olvido”.   80grados.  Web.  8 Feb. 2013.
§  “Confesiones peligrosas”.  Cruce: Crítica Socio-Cultural Contemporánea. Web. 22 Oct. 2012.
§ Cartas desde la sanación: Testimonio”.  Cruce: Crítica Socio-Cultural Contemporánea. Web. 17 Sept. 2012.
§ No nos queda ni el aire.”  80grados.  Web.  29 Jun. 2012. 
§ Sobrela prudencia.”  80grados.  Web.   20 Apr. 2012.
§ Coraje II.”  Cruce: Crítica Socio-Cultural Contemporánea. Web. 6 Jan. 2012.
§ Un día nada extraordinario.”  80grados. Web.  27  Jan. 2012.
§ Satyagraha:  cuerpos, imagen y acción.”  80grados. Web. 25 Nov. 2011.
§ Diseminados”(parte 2)Cruce: Crítica Socio-Cultural  Contemporánea.  Web.10 Aug. 2011.
§ Diseminados”(parte 1). Cruce: Crítica Socio-Cultural Contemporánea.  Web.  3 Aug. 2011.
§ Dos 9/11.”  80 grados.  Web. 10 Sep. 2011.