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martes, 21 de julio de 2009

Crónicas de un cerebro enfermo XV.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I did not feel too good in the morning. The long trip, the emotions and the fact that I am going to the hospital tomorrow stressed me out. I woke up with a headache and vomiting. I have to learn how to cry because I bottle all my emotions inside, and end up taking it all out the next day in the worst way, and have to add fake tear droplets into my eyes. Fortunately, Mai brought me aroma therapy cream, lotion, body wash, eyes mask, and gave me a massage. It is great to have such a thoughtful and resourceful daughter in law. Sebastian, as Danilo used to do at that age, got upset because his mother was doing to me the same massages that he thought were just for her little son. I guess Mai has to enjoy this now, because at age 13 and 19, Carla and Danilo feel relieved whenever I have something else to do to keep me away from them. I got better immediately.

That same Sunday morning we were able to listen to Brian’s music at The Woodland’s Art Festival. Brian’s band dedicated a song to Jaime and I. There were so many beautiful things to buy, especially wooden and glass sculptures, that I wanted to buy them all. I thank God that I am living in an apartment and not in the huge house we had in Pittsburgh. Living in a small island with limited space makes me think twice about everything I buy. As my friend Sonia will say: “If I buy a pin, I will need to get rid of a pencil.” In our case, our limited space is filled with many books, computers, old music records, and food. I have to get rid of old books we have read whenever we buy new ones. That’s called cultural recycling. If the book I read and enjoy has nothing to do with the courses I teach at the university, I take them to Libreria Magica, were they sell books at very low prices. They also give me books for Carla and Danilo in exchange for my own books. Sometimes students ask me where to find a particular rare book, and I can tell them that they can find a copy for a very low price in that book store. Of course, when it comes to buying a new book, I go to La Tertulia or find it in Amazon. Fortunately, they were not selling books in that fair. I love art but it’s almost impossible to carry such big things in a suitcase.

After going to The Woodland’s Art Festival, we went to Galveston. Sebastian fell in love with the sea and I told him that he definitely needs to go to Puerto Rico so that he can enjoy playing with Danilo’s swords and Japanese figurines, and swim at the beach and pool with Carla. After going to the beach, we went to eat at Kemah. We were starving. Fortunately, Sebastian was focused on his Gameboy when we passed close to roller coasters. We found a nice seafood restaurant were I ate craw fish soup and patties. This food is served here and New Orleans. From all the festivals and music around this area, one will get the feeling that we are either in Fat Tuesday or Mardi Grass during the Eastern week. This Texans eat… We asked for just one pudding topped with brandy, share it between 5 people, and were thinking that only Fred Flinestone would be able to eat such a dessert by himself. Upon going back to the parking lot, Sebastian saw the roller coasters and Pablo accompanied him to take some rides. It was easy to convince him that some of the rides will take his food out of his stomach. So, he got into a few of those machines and we were soon ready to go back to Porter, Texas, were Brian and Sonia live.

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