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Crónicas de un cerebro enfermo I.

Cartas del 18 al 19 de diciembre de 2007, enviada a algunos amigos y colegas, sobre todo a aquellos que viven en el extranjero o no había podido contactar personalmente.

carmenrabell to MPetroch - Dec 18 2007

This is just a brief note to inform you that do to health problems, I will not be able to attend the panel of the Ford Foundation during the year 2008. I will be submitted to brain surgery this Thursday and the time of recovery could be from 6 months to one year.
Please, feel free to contact me in the future. I will recover!

Carmen Rabell

carmenrabell to carrermo - Dec 18 2007


Rece por mis hijos, mi esposo y mi familia que me operan el jueves en Centro Médico. Tengo un tumor en el cerebro que descubrieron después de estar desmayada por seis horas. He pasado una semana en el Hospital del Maestro pero ellos no tenían neurocirujanos. Todo va a salir bien con el favor de Dios. Uno no se va hasta que Él lo dispone. Estoy positiva y con ganas de recuperarme para seguir inventando. Tengo seguridad de que he criado muy bien a mis hijos y saldrán adelante sea como sea. Me preocupan, sin embargo, mi esposo y mis padres, que están ancianos y necesitan mi apoyo.

Un gran abrazo,
Carmen Rabell

carmenrabell to amajid - Dec 18 2007

Just a note to let you know that I will not be seeing you in Chicago. I am not going to the M.L.A. I have been hospitalized because I fainted and was unconscious for around six hours. After several exams the doctors scheduled a surgery for Thursday to remove a brain tumor. The biggest problem I see right now is that they have to shave my head and my mother can't wait to get me a wig with straight hair (she finds my curly savage hair dreadful), and my husband prefers to buy me an aphro wig. I am more scared of their shopping skills than of the surgery!
I am going to recover during this next semester. I am glad that I know now why I was feeling so tired for the last year! I am going to spend the recovery period with my family, which is the most important thing right now. Say hi to Melissa and the kids.

God bless you all,

carmenrabell to Torres - Dec 19 2007

Me hospitalizan nuevamente hoy, esta vez en Centro Médico, para extirparme un tumor cerebral. La operación es mañana. Cuando envíen lo que me extraigan a patología, se sabrá exactamente cuál será el procedimiento que habrá que seguir para recuperarme del todo. No sé cuanto tiempo estaré ahí porque depende de cómo reaccione mi cuerpo. Generalmente salgo bien de estas cosas. Ya sabes que la otra vez me fui al Yunke contigo, con Luisa y con Jose. Esta vez no podría hacerlo porque no podré guiar hasta dentro de dos años si no me vuelve a repetir el vioco. Jaime convirtió el primer piso de mi casa en una especie de hotelito al que sólo le falta una ducha para ser un estudio apartment. Cuando vuelva del hospital no tendré que subir la escalera mas que una vez al día para bañarme.

Bueno Daniel, un abrazo a ti y a Carlos.

carmenrabell to Nasser.Atta and Torres - Dec 19 2007

Dear Nasser,
Just a note to let you know that I had a scary situation last Sunday. I sort of fainted and lost consciousness for around six hours. After seven days in one hospital recovering from this event, I will be hospitalized today in another hospital where they will be removing a tumor from my brain. I have faith that it's a benign tumor and I am very glad that I know now the cause of feeling so tired and having headaches almost everyday. I went to doctors many times before but my labs, even till today, always came back with incredibly good results. I even got an insurance six months ago with "super preferred status" because of my excellent health. So, I kept taking Tylenol every day and doing all my shores. After finishing a book this summer, I thought that I felt so much more tired than the experience have been before, but I attributed it to the process of aging. If it wasn't because of this particular incident, we wouldn't have found out. I am calm, I have faith, and I know that everything is going to be all right regardless of the results. The love of my family, friends, my church, colleages, my kid's classmates and neightbors have been overwhelming. When I woke up from the mini coma everybody was surprised and happy. The doctors were the happiest because they could not belief how well I responded to whatever they gave me. I can’t remember anything. I was just not there. When I recover, I will find out exactly what happened.

It seems that there are not many neuro-surgeons in PR that could do the job for me. I was supposed to wait for a while to get treatment, but the father of a girl from church who has been in my class (Sunday School) and who was the day before with my son marching to collect money for the children of Uganda, came to the rescue. Thanks to them I will not have to wait, and I have better chances. He is an excellent doctor and plays classic guitar like an angel. My brain cannot be in better hands but in the hands of an artist!

I am sending a copy of this e-mail to my friend Daniel so that you have his address in case you want to be updated. I hope your family is OK. Take care of yourself.


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